cari marie


cohen's nursery // before + during

when we found out we were having a boy i was a little confused at first as to what to do with his nursery. all the bedding and accessories i had fallen in love with were for girls, so i had to do a huge shift in my brain when it came to figuring out design for a boy. i decided i wanted something very classic + traditional - something he can grow into. grays + blues will be the main colors and maybe we'll bring in some fun pop of color later! 

whoa. check out cohen's room when we first moved into our home. it was originally the guest room and at first "the room we threw all of our extra crap in." 

another photo before it turned into the guest room, a little cleared out.

this is right before the guest room formally turned into cohen's nursery! boring beige walls and carpet.

we decided to paint his room the same color that is in our living room, dining room, guest bathroom and guest bedroom. we love the color and it makes that part of the house feel seamless. also, that gray is so neutral, really anything goes with it!

one project aric really wanted to do was lay hardwood floors in his room. we scored a huge deal at lowe's on these laminate floors - $0.99 a square foot. aric got this project done in one day - he's a machine! i absolutely love it!

another before shot of the ugly paint. aric also installed the shelves you see in the closet. we don't really have a lot of storage in our house, so creating those shelves gives us extra space to store storage bins of cohen's clothes & toys! plus, his clothes won't even be long enough to hang down low! the shelves will be painted white so they match the rest of the closet. 

i can't wait to reveal the halfway finished room - before any of his furniture gets moved in!