cari marie


a birth announcement for our baby boy!

being a designer, it's always a challenge to start designing for yourself and for your family, but luckily, with the gorgeous newborn photos from the super talented ely fair, this design focused on the images of our sweet boy! i wanted to keep his announcements very simple + traditional. we didn't have a specific theme, but we did use a bit of royal art to play on the wording of announcing our little man to the world! the front features a crest with his initials and serves as cohen's personal logo! {every newborn should have their own logo, right?} on the back, a vintage trumpet plays on the wording of introducing him to the recipient! 

the belly band features a crown, signifying that he's our little prince, or man! 

printed on triple layer paper with a silky finish, the announcements were tied together with jute twine around the light gray belly band. sealed in a gray linen envelope with a velvety surface, these were the perfect way to introduce our sweet cohen jennings to our family and friends!