cari marie


cari & aric's wedding reception details

one of my favorite things to design for our wedding were all of the signs and other paper details for our reception! we had a sign for just about everything!

  • CUPS! my friend kendall had cups at her wedding back in 2010 and i totally loved the idea, so aric and i put our arrow logo and our nickname "caric" on gold cups! it was so fun to see everyone holding our cups all night!
  • sign for the whiskey barrel: "wishes for the mr & mrs"
  • bar menu sign
  • i also designed all of the signs for our food: sliders, fried chicken & waffles, veggies, grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup, toasted cheese ravioli with mariana, pecan pie & apple cobbler, and last but certainly not least, coffee & donuts!
  • we had a custom hashtag: #caric2012, so our guests were able to tag us in their instagram photos!