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happy weekend!

have you ever had a pair of shoes that are your absolute favorites? like you could wear them all day, everyday, even to sleep? well i had a pair like that. i got them about four years ago and i have worn them to shreds. every time i put them on, aric cringes. he hates them! with good reason - they are tattered, but again, i'm so attached to them. my goal this past weekend, while my mom was in town, was to get a new pair of heels and to throw my old jessica simpson's away.

well i did find a new pair of heels {they are awesome by the way, nude colored and REALLY tall}, but that meant i HAD to throw out my old pair. sad sad day for me - so i decided to do a mini photo shoot of them to remember how wonderful they were!

here they are in all their tattered-ness...


and then aric threw them away...

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