cari marie


what i'm reading now...

for christmas i got the book "as always, julia; food, friendship and the making of a friendship" it's a fabulous book that contains the letters written back and forth with julia child and her friend, avis devoto. i highly recommend it - it's fabulous!! it makes me want to start writing letters back and forth with my friends instead of using facebook + emails. maybe i should start that this year!


"I made a beautiful omelet for my lunch, with chives and parsley, but I still have to use a spatula to make it roll. We are going to have poached salmon with beurre blanc for dinner. Honest to God, Julia, you have brought a revolution into this household. I wholly expect the completed book to cause a real revolution." - avis devoto to julia child | march 20, 1953

do you all still write letters back and forth with your friends? {hand written thank you notes do not count, although if you do that, good for you!} how about some custom note cards? contact cari@mpresscards to get your design started today!