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guest blogger - picnic in style!

please welcome ms. christy mabrey from san diego, california for our guest blog today!

Oh how I love a good picnic!

Now that the sun is finally shinning here in San Diego, it has me thinking......picnics!!! I love the preparation, the set-up, the food and the games! I love it all.

I personally believe the organization and set-up is just as imperative as the menu. I mean, you have to look good while picnicking......right!?! So, for planning your next picnic I have three sections for you to focus on: the setting, the menu and the game.

The Setting...

My favorite place in San Diego to hang out would have to be Balboa Park because it is so pretty. There is always activity going on and yet there are places that you can find and be all alone. It is so peaceful. So, for my perfect picnic setting, I would choose Balboa Park.

Next would be the blanket. The blanket will set your whole color scheme. I found this on on Etsy. I love the colors!

This next find is my favorite: my table in a bag from Crate and Barrel!!! So handy, so easy to put together, it looks great and it always gets compliments. It is the right height to sit on the ground and to keep your food away from ants. I think a table is a must, plus it adds levels to your setting.

Lastly for your setting, you will need your picnic basket. I will suggest two. One would be the handy carriers that have all your tableware packed and ready to go. You can find these at Target. Because I tend to over pack, my things would never fit in that bag. Are you kidding me? So, I suggest bringing along a REAL picnic basket. They just make it feel so much more like a picnic!

The Menu...

1. Homemade lemon garlic hummus and pita wedges

2. Caprese sandwich (check out these amazing variations from Closet Cooking)

3. Spiked red, white and blue fruit skewers

4. Strawberry Lemonade

Fruit Skewers

  • 1 pkg blueberries

  • 1 pkg raspberries

  • 1 pkg strawberries

  • 1 pkg marshmallows

  • Vodka

  • Bamboo skewers

Wash and dry all fruit. Core strawberries and place in a bowl. Fill the bowl with vodka until it just covers the strawberries. Soak for 3-4 hours. Meanwhile, skewer the remaining fruit and marshmallows alternating red, white and blue. When the strawberries are done soaking, place them on the end. Save the vodka.

Strawberry Lemonade

Use your favorite recipe for lemonade or use a mix.

  • 1 crushed strawberry per glass

  • 1 strawberry to garnish per glass

This one is pretty self explanatory. However, I suggest using the yummy left over vodka {from the strawberries} and make it a mixed drink. YUMMMMM!

The Game...

So if you haven't played Corn Hole, you are seriously missing out! This is the perfect picnic game. You can even get it with an easy to carry bag. They also have personalized sets. Mine is OU!!

Ok one last tip: BE PREPARED!!

I suggest you pack the following just in case: papertowels, hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, a tide stick and a cell phone.

You have to be prepared for a picnic disaster. You never know when your picnic neighbors will get pooped on by a bird. Yes, this happened to me on July 4th. I didn't get pooped on, but my picnic neighbor the face!!! Luckily I was there with my "clean up" kit filled with the above to save the day! Not only did I get compared to Martha Stewart, but we exchanged numbers and are planning a get together. You just never know!!!
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