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my new obsession!

food trucks...enough said! food trucks have gained so much popularity lately and i finally got to have a taste of my own saturday at the cherry creek farmer's market!


first up, the biscuit bus, the food truck of the denver biscuit company. i spotted this first and was instantly obsessed with the large truck and it's fantastic design. i mean how cute is this logo?

their menu was quite impressive, offering gourmet biscuit sandwiches on fresh-baked buttermilk biscuits. from their sausage down to the apple-butter, it’s all made in-house, everyday, from scratch. i know you are wondering why i didn't have anything from this amazing southern food truck, but my eyes were focused on tacos, which we will get to next! however, i intend to go back to the market on saturday and have the jack lee or the original, biscuits + gravy! or maybe both!

how cute is the bus?? i'm obsessed!


okay, next is pinche tacos! this is what i was craving for lunch! first up - let's check out their logo - another unique design!

i had their queso a la plancha taco, which includes griddled cotija cheese, avocado, roasted tomatillo salsa and lime. this was seriously the best taco i have ever ever had! if you ever come to denver, you must visit their truck! i'm an idiot and completely forgot to take a picture of their truck - again, next weekend i will be there!


last but not least is a food truck out of boulder, colorado that i discovered surfing the web. comida is fairly new and also serves tacos, however, their truck is an old converted DHL truck painted HOT PINK!! tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen!

i've been in contact with the owner this past week talking about them maybe coming to our company summer party! keep your fingers crossed we get to have them there! the other cool thing about comida is that every day they are at a different location, so you have to visit their twitter to hunt them down! so clever! oh, and how lovely is their logo...

that wraps up my food truck post. have you all discovered a food truck in your area?? let us know & happy eating!

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