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inspirations + signage

this past friday, my mom, aric + i went to idaho springs, a mountain town off of 1-70 outside of denver. we had a blast walking around, going to the farmer's market and antique shopping. i found some cool old signs that i wanted to share with you guys.

first we ventured to stella's, my favorite restaurant in the highlands, for lunch and i got a bit inspired by their orange + navy umbrellas...

how inspiring are these orange umbrellas? i would love to design something with an orange theme. perhaps some illustrated orange umbrella notecards should be in the works sometime soon...

this is a photo of stella's...i am obsessed with their patio!


only in colorado will you find homemade organic bug spray at the farmer's market!

i love this old sign - taken by the one and only aric holmes

and last but not least, does this logo for The Knife Shop remind you of anything?



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