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so inspired...

i've been a fan of jamie oliver for a couple of years now. from watching his show on food network, the naked chef, i knew he was something different and wanted nothing but good things to come to him. so i was falling out my chair when last friday, jamie oliver's food revolution show premiered on abc. i feel so compelled to help, but not sure what to do. i think it's so great that jamie is taking a stand in our country and actually cares what kind of food that goes into our bodies. did you know that some schools serve pizza for breakfast? that is hideous. let's take a stand and join the revolution. save a life. today's kids aren't even expected to live past their parents. their life expectancy is shortened by 20 or 30 years just because they aren't eating the right things. start early. teach your kids to eat healthy, which in turn will make them live longer. michelle obama is also taking a stand with her let's move organization. please help - this could save one of your loved ones.

to sign jamie's petition for better food in your kid's schools, please click here.

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