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guest blog #8 - abbott house

all - please welcome back guest blogger miss autumn! autumn just recently moved back to our hometown of norman, oklahoma (BOOMER!) and started working at the Abbott House. here she talks more about it and how you can help out!

  • Nationally a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.  That means that while you are reading this article, about six children will be harmed and their lives will forever be changed. 

  • April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month.  A month dedicated to the education, advocacy and prevention of child abuse.  The Mary Abbott Children’s House is on the frontlines of this battle.

What are YOU doing to stop child abuse? To find a child advocacy center near you, go to, and take a stand against child abuse.

Mary Abbott Children’s House is a child-centered program focused on reducing the trauma of victims of abuse through state-of-the-art, comprehensive forensic interviews that allow a child to tell his painful story only once. In laymen terms, that means that we create a safe, child-friendly location for children to tell their story. In traditional systems, children are asked to tell their painful story over and over again to all parties involved (including law enforcement, child welfare services, family advocates, forensic interviewers, etc.). What makes us different, is that we get all of the right people together all at once, and record the interview with state-of-the art equipment. This reduces the trauma they are forced to endure and starts them on their process to healing. Through our program, more offenders are convicted; they serve longer sentences; they are taken off the streets, sparing future children the pain; and the child is directed toward counseling and healing service providers. In other words, the healing starts at Abbott House.

For more information about Abbott House, call (405) 579-5800, or go to, or visit our blog at

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