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a photo shoot bachelorette party!

remember these fun invitations we did for my friend's bachelorette party? well the day finally arrived and today's post is all about the party!! a shoe was featured on the invitation and it played a big role in the decorations & graphics for the day. also, we did a lot of DIY items, and instructions are included!


julie (the bride's sister) is assembling the tissue pom poms! they are so easy to make! step #1: take 8-10 sheets of colored tissue paper and fold accordian style (flipping tissue back & forth each time you fold). step #2: put a pipe cleaner tightly around the center of the folded tissue. step #3: cut the ends of the tissue stack (either rounded or at a point). repeat on the other end. step #4: gently pull each piece of tissue towards the center of the pom pom and seperate each paper sheet from the others. fluff it until desired look is accomplished. voila! here is the finished product:


next up was decorating the table. kendall's favorite color is pink, so it wasn't hard to find fun decorations! a hot pink tablecloth was the canvas for the table. staying with our shoe theme, we put some of kendall's high heels on the table. pink candy in glass containers included pink jelly beans, pink starbursts, pink salt water taffy, hot tamales and double bubble gum! the invitation was framed and centered on the table and little cards with quotes about shoes were scattered on there as well. pink fabric served as the tablecloth for the coffee table.


one of the most fun parts of the day was the surprise photo shoot. simon hurst came over to kendall's loft and the six of us girls had the best time dressing up in old prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses. i bought this really cute pink + gray fabric from bitty blossoms fabric via etsy and it served as one of the backdrops for the morning. also, how funny is it that haley & i had the same ugly bright orange prom dress from our senior year of high school. what a hoot! and kendall (the bride-to-be) looked stunning in her soon to be mother-in-law's wedding dress from the 70's.


one of my favorite details of the day were these precious pink straws! they looked great in the mimosas!

me and simon from simon hurst photography.

STATIONARY + INVITATIONS designed some fun cards for the day. later that evening we went to a wine tasting and had cheat sheets of flavors + aromas as well as cards to fill out with which wines we liked best. on the back of the card were the 5 steps of properly tasting vino!

this was truly the most unique and the most fun bachelorette party i had ever been a part of! our day also consisted of getting massages, mani's & pedi's at a spa in edmond, going to dinner at cheever's (delicious) and having some cocktails later in the evening. the night wouldn't have been complete without a "friends" episode. when we got home, kendall, julie & i watched our favorite episode - "the one where no one is ready," all the while devouring their homemade sugar cookies in of course, the shape of a shoe!