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finally friday!!

today, i thought it would be fun to do a post on "things in my purse." i absolutely love my coach bag and do not go anywhere without it. acutally most of the things in my purse are from coach (forgive me, i'm a bit of a coachaholic). here's my audrey...

adore: i JUST bought this adorable banana yellow leather clutch (i rationalized this purchase because coach had sent me a 25% off coupon - yup, they love me!)

next up, my planner. i would be forever lost without this planner. i've had it for a few years now and it has never let me down. is it weird that i have 3 planners? all in different locations? this one is the prettiest though...

i also have a coach wallet, but am on the hunt for a new one! any ideas?

and my last coach item, i promise, is my cute makeup bag. love this color! if i didn't have this, my lipsticks and bobby pins would be flying all around the bottom of my bag.

i simply cannot go anywhere without my burt's bees chapstick (especially living in colorado now), bobby pins (plain and my patterned anthropologie ones), hand lotion (skin is so dry right now), mini brush (my pet peeve is tangled hair), stila lip glaze (in fruit punch), mac lipstick, cuticle cutters (yup, a girl must always have clean cuticles), or my pilot g-2 05 black pen.

other odds and ends: my cute pink swiss army knife (which reminds me, i must take out before boarding the plan today), hand sanitizer (do not want to catch swine flu), business cards + holder (i have a really cute holder, but can't take a picture, because it's mirrored), gum and mints!

what's in your purse?

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