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guest blog #4 - gearing up for spring

please welcome a new guest blogger to m.pressed - Ashley Nelson - as she talks about what to look forward to for spring!

Gearing up for spring!

On Sunday I had my first glimpse at spring in NYC, it cannot come soon enough in my opinion. It was simply wonderful to NOT have to wear my massive black puffy coat that has become my standard uniform these days because it’s warm and protects  me from the snow which we’ve suffered through for the past few months. Sunday was glorious, I pulled out the shorts and a blazer for my standing brunch date with my lovely girls at none other than Café Mogador. I layered the shorts on top of black opaque tights, over the knee riding boots, a grey t, black blazer and a very chunky antique necklace all topped with sunglasses and a perfect day. As we all look (eagerly!) to spring I thought this would be a great time to get our minds looking forward to what WILL BE replacing those puffy down coats, snow boots and dreary “stay inside all day” kind of days all too soon! I hope you enjoy the links below as much as I do, it’s what gets me through each bitterly cold snow filled day.

Spring, spring, spring …

I am looking forward to spring more than anything because my friend's weddings are getting me to TX and OK! I love wedding season! (via flickr)

I love this Ultra Chic (yet adorable) Bicycles! To bicycle around the village in (via Habitually Chic)

There is nothing better than springs first Floral prints, lace and NO tights! Day (via Cupcakes & Cashmere)

Shorts, sun and the beach– I think that sums up everything that makes me happy! (via Dress Design Décor)

 Central park is one of my favorites thus picnics and park days are crucial (via destined to design)

Fresh flowers from the Farmers Market are the best, nothing compares.  (via coco+kelley)

Ahh, and last but not least, putting a little down payment on that essential cozy summer rental! (via pink-to-green)

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