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guest blog #3 – life's short

Please welcome a new guest blogger to m.pressed - Ashley Armstrong!

Life’s Short:: Find what makes you happy and do it with ALL your might!” – Rev Run

Many of you have heard of or may even be part of the wonderful world that is Twitter.  If so, I encourage you to follow the great Rev Run (@revrunwisdom). His words are the inspiration in most of this blog.

I start my first guest blog (and first ever blog actually) with a quote about seeking happiness.  I am a recently single, 26 year old woman. To most, this may seem normal if not ideal; however I live in Oklahoma and the majority of my closest friends are married, engaged, have kids or one on the way.  Though I’m beyond happy for all of them and will continue to celebrate each, it’s not hard to feel like you’re behind or missing something.  I choose to think of it how it is; I’m not ready for those things yet and that’s ok.

So what is a young single woman supposed to do to make the most of this time before the next big chapter?  I’m traveling through that now and here are a couple things I’ve come up with…

Do things for passion not position.”-RevRun

Go after the job that makes you HAPPY not necessarily what your parents or society has told you you need to be! After all, most of the time you spend awake; you spend at your job. I sought after and landed the job of my dreams working for an NBA basketball team in my hometown…building relationships with people in order to make their life happier. My job is to make people smile and I get paid for it! (…while watching the OKC Thunder morph into a real NBA contender- SO exciting! No one thought we could do it!... Sorry, I’m just really proud!)  Finally holding a job I thoroughly enjoy has built my confidence in myself knowing I did it on my own without help from anyone else.


Sometimes you have to stand alone just to prove you can still stand.”-RevRun

Buy a house!  Do something big on your own that proves you don’t need anyone to rely on. Picking out the place you want, decorating and even paying the mortgage is hugely uplifting and fulfilling.  One of the first things I wanted to do after moving into my first place was change the horribly outdated kitchen.  I sifted through many the “home improvement/decor” magazines and came across a picture of a LAUNDRY ROOM that I was drawn to. I spent an entire day drilling and installing my own kitchen cabinet knobs.  With a “man’s” drill in my hand, personally transforming my kitchen was a huge reminder that I’m ok on my own.


“It's my life, It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive!” – Bon Jovi

Be spontaneous and have some fun… like taking an impromptu trip to New York City (which is where I’m headed in 7 short hours)!  This is the one time in your life that you don’t have to ask permission or fit into anyone else’s schedule. Go out, treat yourself and make some memories!


Although I can’t wait to find the man that I’m meant to spend my life with…that time will come. That DOESN’T mean I have to wait to “find what makes me happy and do it with all my might”!  So that’s what I’m doing…

And finally I leave you with this arbitrary addition to make you smile ( cutest Super Bowl commercial.

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